We have expertise in appraising different types of jewelry so that you can be confident in making any exchanges with us. We can help identify what type of gemstone is encased in that old graduation ring while also identifying the amount carats that are in the diamond earrings that you plan to give as a gift.

Jewelry comes in a wide variety of all shapes, sizes, and designs and with that they come with different intrinsic values. We can help with any of your jewelry queries and needs so that you can not only become more informed of your jewelry, while receiving the most from your payouts. Whether you need to say goodbye to your old rings or wanting to appraise an old, family heirloom, we’ve got you covered.


Need help assessing the diamonds on your jewelry? Or help picking out the right shape and carat value for your engagement ring? Our associates can assist in helping you exchange your loose diamonds and help with getting the jewelry that’s just right for that special occasion.


Gemstones are perfect for either reflecting your birth month or if you want jewelry to match with certain outfits. In general, they are great for expressing oneself. We can help with any of your gemstone needs, whether it be getting yours appraised or finding another piece to add to your collection.

Antique Jewelry

Have an old necklace that you want exchanged or a pair of earrings that your not sure of their worth or even their origin? Obtaining information on your antique jewelry can be tough on your own and that’s why we’re here to help.

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