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The values of every type of coin and bullion are all inherit and are worth their weight. With our experience, we can help you get the most out of your unwanted coins and bullions. Whether you want to exchange them for cash, have them appraised for their authentication, or liquidate them, we can help with all for your needs.

No matter what the shape of your coins and/or bullion is in, we will more than happily purchase them from you. With that said we don’t want to sound as if we just collect your items and liquefy them.

We also assess the collectability of each coin/bullion, along with their precious metal content so that we can determine their true value. In doing so, we always guarantee a honest and competitive payout for what you bring to us.

Quantity, weight, purity are all factors that are included when calculating value, yet there is no limit as to what we can appraise for you.

Gold Coins and Bullions

Both gold coins and bullions make great investments in different ways. Gold bullions are great individual investment due to them being small and difficult to counterfeit. Gold coins, more so older coins made before 1933, are great bulk investments due to them being able to increase in value over time.

Silver Coins and Bullions

While silver has been used as more of an industrial commodity most recently that does not mean it’s useless to an ordinary person. While most US coins contain silver, none of them are 100% complete silver. Coins dating back before 1964 contain the most silver, 90%, with the remaining 10% being copper.

Platinum Coins and Bullions

Not only is platinum rarer than gold and silver, mining it is more costly and difficult. There are only a select few locations where platinum is mined, including Russia, South Africa, Canada and the U.S., specifically Montana. The most popular platinum coins currently in circulation are the U.S. Mint American Platinum Eagles and the Royal Canadian Mint Platinum Maple Leaf.

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